David Black, Kristian Gohlke, Jörn Loviscach. “FoleySonic: Placing Sounds on a Timeline through Gestures”. In: Proceedings of Audio Engineering Society, London, UK, 2010.
The task of sound placement on video timelines is usually a time-consuming process that requires the sound designer or foley artist to carefully calibrate the position and length of each sound sample. For novice and home video producers, friendlier and more entertaining input methods are needed.
We demonstrate a novel approach that harnesses the motion-sensing capabilities of readily available input devices, such as the Nintendo Wii Remote or modern smart phones, to provide intuitive and fluid arrangement of samples on a timeline. Users can watch a video while simultaneously adding sound effects, providing a near real-time workflow. The system leverages the user’s motor skills for enhanced expressiveness and provides a satisfying experience while accelerating the process.
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